When Change Happens

A meditation for the closing PSCH Chapel (September 6, 2016)

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Change is never easy. I encourage change, but I don’t always enjoy change. What I mean is this: I know change can be good for me and it helps me grow, so I encourage it.  On the other hand, the process and transition of change, is never really a fun experience. The reality, however, is that change happens.  We can’t avoid it.


Four years ago, my wife and I moved to Bay Roberts.  I’m a “townie” (from St. John’s) and so the jump from living in an urban area to living in a rural area was a bit of a leap for me.

One of my first experiences was the post office.  I dropped by to register for a new box number and before I had my name out, she knew I was the new Pentecostal pastor.  She proceeded to ask if I wanted the previous pastor’s box, or a new one.  Off the top of her head, she knew his box number and the churches’ number.

All I could think was, “Do I have ‘PASTOR’ written on my forehead? What’s going on? People didn’t know who I was back home.”

My “normal” had changed.

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