Is Spanking a Christian Form of Discipline?

The Journey of Discipline and Spiritual Growth

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Discipline and punishment are often linked together.  As a result, we tend to attach consequences to discipline, instead of self-control.  Have we lost some of the meaning behind true discipline? The topic of spanking was in a recent news story published by CBC: “Spanking is never a good idea: child psychologist”.  The general argument – spanking does more long-term damage than good.

Question: Is spanking a legitimate form of Christian parental discipline? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

spanking-christian-viewMore than likely, you have already come a conclusion on this, even before you have read these opening lines.

I argue, however, that while spanking (in its present form) is often damaging, we have lost the true meaning of discipline.  Yes, it’s illegal in Canada to spank before the age of two (2) and after the age of twelve (12).  But discipline starts very early and continues into the teenage years.

Let me explain…

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