Please Don’t Stop The Reading!

Continued Learning, Part 1

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Reading wasn’t always my favourite thing to do.  In fact, throughout high-school, I believe I mastered the art of writing a paper without reading the book.  I look back, however, and think of how better my papers would have been if I started reading sooner.  Some of it had to do with the topics, and I certainly didn’t like fiction. But as I’ve entered into the workplace, future education, and now into ministry, I’ve realized reading keeps your mind sharp. 

This is a 3 part series about how we can continue to learn beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Please Don't Stop The Reading

In Newfoundland and Labrador (where I live), we have an increasing excuse to decrease our reading habits.  Unfortunately, the province added a tax to books.  But just because we’re the only province in Canada to tax books, doesn’t mean we have to be the only province who stops reading. I’d like to offer five cost-effective ways we can make this happen:

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4 Things You Forgot To Pack for Back-to-School

Growing Spiritually During the School Year

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The busyness has begun.  The kids are back to school.  The semester is on its way.  We make sure we have all the supplies, books and fees paid, but have we forgotten anything? I was asked to share at a graduation celebration recently, and I thought of four things to share.  As I was reflecting after, I realized that these four things are needed throughout school just as much as they are at graduation.


If we want to have a successful education experience, we need to remember to “pack” these four things for back to school:

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