Sunday’s Coming BUT Today is Good Friday (COVID-19 Edition)

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It’s Easter weekend and it’s when we remember and celebrate how Jesus paid the price for our sin. The season starts with celebration (Palm Sunday) and ends with celebration (Easter Sunday). What happens in the middle of the season, however, doesn’t always get the same attention as it should. Good Friday is when we stop and reflect on the price Jesus paid for all of us

Sunday is coming but today is Good Friday-covid-19-ed

I often hear, “It’s Good Friday, BUUUT Sunday is coming!”

Ever hear that? Ever say that yourself?

I don’t blame anyone for saying it or thinking that way, however, if that’s our focus, we usually miss the significance of Good Friday.

On top of that, in 2020, we’re experiencing a global pandemic (COVID-19), which is making for an Easter weekend no one is really ready for.

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Rainbows of HOPE & COVID-19

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I know COVID-19 has led to a long journey so far, and let’s face it, it’s been a long 2020 so far.  In Newfoundland, where I live with my family, we’ve already experienced unprecedented amounts of snow, and have already experienced a weather-related State of Emergency.  So, as we experience COVID-19, some are experiencing sickness, some have lost employment, or are simply worried about what tomorrow looks like. No one can blame you for being overwhelmed. I’m sure all of us have had moments over the past few days that have been filled with concern.


That’s normal. It’s ok…

Our family has tried to limit activity to what we need to do (ie. Work and Groceries). I cautiously stepped into Costco this week. I felt like I needed to pray before I went in; it was probably the strangest experience I’ve ever had. Once I started putting things in my cart, something felt eerie. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until it dawned on me – it was strangely quiet. There were plenty of people around, but you could hear footsteps and employee radios. Suspicion was on everyone’s face; a single cough would grant you the right-of-way pretty quick. Even though employees acted very professionally, with extra cleaning, and offering Lysol wipes for wiping down your cart, uncertainty and concern was very evident. It’s normal. It’s ok.

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