They’re Just Nuggets

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It wasn’t very long ago that I was having “just one of those days.” I didn’t want to cook or clean. I felt drained but I had a list, the length of my arm, of the things I needed to get done.  It was one of those days that I would say, “I couldn’t get out of my own way.” I wanted to do things and be productive, but my mind and my body wouldn’t cooperate to get stuff done. My brain would say, “Go do some laundry. That’s straightforward.” And my body would reply, “In a minute…I’m pretending to be doing something else right now.”

They're Just Nuggets

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Introducing Deidre…

Reading Time: 4 minutes

My husband has been after me for a while to write some posts on his blog. He said he wanted me to write about things from my life as a mother, stay-home-mom, wife, introvert, whatever. He said “you make people laugh all the time on Facebook – write things like that!”

Introducing Deidre

I told him I think I’d enjoy writing something but I had so many things around the house that I need to get done first. (There was post-Christmas cleaning/storing that needed to happen and some organizing of the entire house since we only moved in about 3 months before Christmas).

So, I said “when I get the house a little more put together, and when I get some time alone to think I’ll see what I can come up with.” Then I laughed and laughed at the thought of a put together house and time alone to think and so, now, I’m writing this while I’m hiding from my family in our ensuite.

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