Writing: Making Learning Stick

Continued Learning, Part 3

In school, writing was necessary.  After graduation, writing became an option.  At least good writing did.  Everyone takes notes from time to time, but do we allow writing to help us in our learning?  It always amazes me how much I remember, after I actually write it down on paper.  When we write, we make our learning stick.

This is a 3 part series about how we can continue to learn beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Writing Making Learning Stick

To make this a little easier to digest, especially for those who don’t like to write, I offer four things we can all work towards:

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It is much easier to pray about doing, and to talk to others about it, and to sing about it, than it is to simply and honestly do that very thing. But the prayer is not, teach me to pray about it, talk about it, sing about it – though prayer and talk and sing have their place – it is ‘teach me to do thy will.’ Then comes that beautiful blessed ‘There I will meet with thee and will commune with thee.’

Amy Carmichael
Edges of His Ways (London: SPCK, 1961), 96

Listening: Finding Art within the Noise

Continued Learning, Part 2

I’m a great listener!  …just make sure no one lets my wife read this!  All joking aside, I don’t think I’m alone in my inability to listen at times.  Most of us want to share our thoughts and ideas.  Why? Because we thought them, and they seem to make sense.  What I’ve learned, however, is that my best thoughts are formed after I spend a lot of time listening.

This is a 3 part series about how we can continue to learn beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Listening Finding Art within the Noise

I’m offering four ways we can continue to learn by listening. Maybe we’ll be able to find some ‘art’ in all the noise.

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GREAT DEALS 07.17.2017

Reading Keeps Your Mind Sharp!

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By Ronald A. N. Kydd / Baker AcademicAt a time when health issues are at the forefront of our thinking, Kydd offers insightful models for understanding the role of healing in the Christian experience. He helps you reconcile the healings recorded in Scripture with our everyday experience. Healing may be mysterious but it is an important part of Christian experience. Paperback.$0.99 (USD) REG: $20.00 (USD)
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